What is the best Android box to get?

When it comes to selecting the best cheap android TV box, you need to look for options that can stream and even emulate with exceptional ease and precision. Therefore, if you are interested in a balanced media streaming device, it is necessary to choose between the most popular options including the Mi Box Television from Xiaomi, Skystream Three Plus, NVidia Shield, or the Ematic Jetstream.

While you might just be interested in the best cheap android TV box for personal use, the likes of NVidia can be pretty handy choice courtesy of 3 gigs of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage space. The Xiaomi Mi Box, however, is the more affordable of the lot with added 4K HDR compatibility, 1080p streaming prowess, and a host of other utilitarian features. Last but not least, Ematic’s powerful Jetstream is also budget performer courtesy of 8GB of internal storage space.

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