Known as the most prestigious dealer of TV Box, GeekBox has always been the jewel in this industry – a pioneer which endeavors to strike a balance between sales and development. Since the day of inception, we have been exploring further possibilities in attempt to develop a TV Box that satisfies both newbies and professionals in an integrated fashion. This is how the prototype of Geekbox originates. After 2 years of arduous effort, our designer has managed to turn it into reality by releasing the cross TV Box – Geekbox, a box infiltrated by fathomless ingenuity and incomparable commitment to our respected customers.

Technically Geekbox is an open source cross TV Box which caters to both newbies and professionals. For newbies, it functions as a mini PC with all the functions that the latter supposed to have. For professionals,  it boasts boundless possibilities for further development. Whoever you are, wherever you go, there is always something in this treasure box that deserves your attention.